Our Team

We know that the people we engage are paramount to the success of our business and so we carefully select folk who are passionate about their work. We are committed to employing and promoting an enthusiastic and talented staff so that our clients can really enjoy dealing with us.

We offer the full time services of personable and professional videographers, who are experienced in their field and totally dedicated to capturing your experience as it unfolds. While always being discreet and unobtrusive, they will enhance the ‘good company’ of your pursuit and will become an integral part of the adventure.

Where the videographer who filmed the event does not do the editing, our editors will work closely with him/her to ensure the true essence of your experience is accurately reproduced. Our editors are all highly experienced and will produce a creative and professional video, matched to your specific requests and needs.

Key Management and Production

Nicky Crausaz

Videographer, Editor & Marketing

Gareth Dimmick

Videographer, Editor

Rayno Egner

Videographer, Editor

Kerry Egner

Managing Member Editor, Marketing and Admin

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