• Rayno,
    Thanks for checking in with me. James and Gareth did a really professional job for us at KKR….I really appreciate their hard work and pleasant demeanour in every situation…..a job well done.

    James Herring
    Dallas, Texas
  • Dear Rayno,
    Todd and I wanted to thank you for your hard work professionally but also taking the time away from your family to continue to help Andrew grow as a young man and as a hunter. Todd and i are grateful to have the means to send Andrew back to Africa because it meant a lot to us to see how you and Yuri gave Andrew real life dialogue to help him mature as a young man and hunter. Todd is a wonderful father role model yet we understand the significance of Andrew having other men he looks up to. You and Yuri are those great role models and we thank you for the good people that you are!

    Laura & Todd Cook
  • Nicky,
    I received the videos tonight and literally just finished watching it. It was done absolutely perfectly… PERFECTLY. The quality of the video, the editing and the content was awesome, and the drone… Great perspective on the drone. Sharing the incredible experience with my family was really cool. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I made the decision to record the experience and the final product, just like everything else on the safari, exceeded my expectation.

    Mark Greco
    Austin, Texas
  • Dear Rayno
    Having you and Marius with us was absolutely fantastic. You embody the true spirit of this profession in every aspect. We are grateful for your great effort and enjoyed your company thoroughly. Please convey our gratitude to Kerry as well for her support role.

    Faysal El Khalil
    Beirut, Lebanon
  • Dear Rayno,
    Thank you for your email, once again words are not enough to describe everything! I CAN ONLY SAY SAY VERY BIG THANK YOU! Once again a million times, for being a very good friend/gentleman and a great guest!

    Temir Ekenler