Here is a selection of comments we have received from our clients. We really value their feedback and the boost it gives our team in their quest to constantly produce their very best work for each project at hand.

Quotes from letters received…

The video arrived and it is outstanding. We are now looking at the picture disc and it is great as well. Thank you for such a great work.

Hope all is going well with you. Looking at the video and pictures brings back some wonderful memories of our time spent with you and the rest.

Wynne Breeden, Terrell – Texas

Hi Kerry, Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the video and what a good job you did on it … It’s so much fun to relive the safari and you covered a lot of the details (non hunting related) we care about.

Joann Foster, Kerrville – Texas

Joann found a bottle of Graham Beck and we drank the whole thing while watching it twice. As always you have done an excellent job of capturing all the events and wildlife that we encountered. We loved the music. Thanks for everything.

Woody Foster, Kerrville – Texas

We both received the video and loved it! Great job again! Thank you, it will be fun to show over the holidays.

Mike Howard, San Antonio – Texas

In a word, WOW!!!! I’m simply astounded at what a wonderful job Gareth did in capturing, and retelling, the story of my trip. Honestly, it’s like being there all over again. But also more than that — he did a spectacular job of taking bits and pieces and stitching together the essence of it all.

By finding the “story” in all that footage, it’s as if someone took a collection of my memories and turned them into something that feels a bit like art. Best of all, it captured the joy I felt in all of this, and you’ve given me something I’m proud to keep, to share, and ultimately to leave behind as a memory of who I was at my best. Bravo!

Donald Anderson, Alberta – Canada

The video arrived today and I just had the pleasure of watching it and re-living the hunt with my father. What a wonderful keepsake! Please pass on my thanks to Yuri for his talented videography, to Gareth for his skillful editing and, lastly, to you, for producing such an amazing souvenir!

So often one hears about how worthwhile a professionally produced video can be, but this simply took my breath away. I can’t imagine a better way to commemorate the safari! Thank you!

Nestor Petriw, Alberta – Canada

Kerry, I am blown away at how good our video is. You are the best. Just love it. Thank you so very much. If you ever want me as a referral…….go for it! Best related to safari money I ever spent!!!

Frank Comiskey, Houston – Texas

Awesome ! Just got through watching it. It was great . Thanks Rayno. Cant wait till next year . See you in Dallas. Thanks again for a fantastic video.

Chance Parker, Alpine – Texas

I enjoyed the video very much; as did Marion. The production is well balanced between the hunting, hunters, friends, staff, birds & animals, as well as scenery/landscape. The stalks and action are very consistent with the spirit of the hunt…
The hunting footage was very good, capturing the effort, frustration and finally the kills, without the need for blood as evidence of the kills. Thanks, I am a satisfied client and must say I really enjoyed your company on our safari.

Barry Todd, Lafayette – Louisiana

I just watched the video of our elephant hunt. It is terrific! You did a great job of editing and Rodney’s camera work is outstanding. Thanks to all of you guys.

Jack Mitten, Syracuse – New York

Kerry… are the Best!!!! We got the DVD’s this morning. Had a chance to just watch the beginning of Disc 1….it is FANTASTIC!

Very good work! We can’t wait to see you guys in Dallas!

Jim Holt, Dallas – Texas

Let’s start with THE VIDEO IS FABULOUS!!

The movie is many things. Your use of the sun rise/set as a backdrop; the various birds and animals–made the movie a work of art that rivals anything I have seen from National Geographic (everything they do) or the BBC (Planet Earth). Absolutely Beautiful.

The hunting action is extremely well done. The Klip springer that flew, the croc that did not. AND THE EXTRAS HAD US ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING SO HARD WE WERE IN TEARS!! It reminded me of so many things that I had forgotten. I am working on a commentary for you to use in your marketing.

Something like, “The 1st or 2nd most important you do in booking a hunt is to book the video. The hunt is a life event; capture it forever!” Thank you so much for being there and making this video for us.

Ben Barnett, Dallas – Texas

Our safari video is absolutely amazing! I watched the entire video on the airplane coming home the other day and I laughed the entire time! People around me were getting annoyed because I would not be quiet.

The creativeness was awesome along with the music. It made me feel like I was right there in South Africa again re-living the moments of all the hunts. My mom got to watch some of the video and she thought it was amazing also along with many other people who have already seen it.

I just want to thank you, Patrick, and whoever else helped make that video. We will never be able to forget anything about that trip because the video shows it all! Looking forward to the Dallas Safari event here in January!

Hunter Holt, Dallas – Texas

You did an unbelievable job. You exceeded everyones expectations! There’s some funny s*it in the video! Thanks again for doing such a great job. AMEN!

Mike Howard – Dallas – Texas

Loved the video. It was hilarious and the quality was awesome. You did a great job. Several have watched it that are not even interested in hunting but enjoyed watching the production.

Bubba Saulsbury, Odessa – Texas

I received my video today and must say, it was extremely well done and brought back wonderful memories. Kerry is a delightful compliment to your staff. She captured many small things that most people would have overlooked..

Benjamin Le Force, Enid – Oklahoma

I received the videos of our hunts. Great job!! You have a real talent. We will enjoy these hunts for years thanks to your videos.

Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you again.

Jack Mitten, Syracuse – New York

The video is terrific! We are VERY pleased, THANK YOU SO MUCH! The video photos are incredible and that you were able to catch all those very special moment is amazing. The music is very nice and fit well with the surroundings’.
The video will be a great Xmas gift to all and a fond memory.

Greetings with a smile

T.K, Dallas – Texas

Hello Lady from the south. I finally got around to watching those DVD’s. Holy crap, they are amazing, you guys did an absolutely phenomenal job. I had expectations (based off of nothing really) and they were crushed, demolished, obliterated by what you guys produced. Super awesome. Quite “Hectic”. Nice job and mad props to you and Rodney. The bloopers/out-takes are hilarious.

E.K, Dallas – Texas

I just wanted to tell you that the video that you convinced me to have done is wonderful…there is no question that the video will make our entire family enjoy our safari over and over again, for life. The video by Kerry and Rodney is really great. Truly professional with intimate knowledge of the subject and ability to anticipate events. The music selection came out well, we enjoy it greatly.

The video is also funny! That is to a large extent due to my sons, but also by the camera team, able and willing to play along. The extras in the video are priceless. There are some moments in the video itself that are good for a laugh!

G.K, Dallas – Texas

Kelli and I have just finished watching the DCVP “Honeymoon Safari” DVD and we are still listening and watching the “out takes” and we are crying, humbled, grateful, and are both waiting for the two+ weeks when we will return to our South African second home and seeing you all.

When my tears of gratitude subside, I may be able to write something more touching…until then all I and we can express is THANK YOU!

Gray Thornton – Cody, Wyoming.

I just finished watching Rayno’s masterpiece… He captured every great aspect of our adventure, and more!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am … and I can just imagine Kelly’s reaction… thank you so much… a memory that will bring a smile to my face for the rest of my life! Until our next one…

Greg Hammons – Dallas, Texas.

Yesterday I got your movie and would like to send you my compliments and many thanks for this video. It is really a very good and professional work that was done with great love for African nature.
If you agree, I would like to discuss your participation in safari in Tanzania.

Sergey Lyapuntsov – Moscow, Russia

Your timing couldn’t have been better. The DVD’s arrived Thursday afternoon, which just happened to be my birthday. Joann and I watched the Mala Mala one in the afternoon with a little SA wine and the Kwalata one in the evening with my birthday dinner and more SA wine. They are both wonderful. You did an excellent job of editing and the music is great.

Thanks for doing such an exceptional job with both of them.

Woody Foster – Kerville, Texas

Wow! Kerry, you did such a fantastic job! You are an awesome videographer! We are all so very pleased with the video. It’s like watching a movie. You are truely an artist! National Geographic has nothing on you! It brought back all the memories; there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. A perfect touch putting the party night as an extra; we all had such a good time that night. I loved the entry with the pictures depicting various parts of our shoes, etc. Your choice in music brought back the fear in the gut we all were experiencing. You captured our African Safari very professionally and beautifully. Thank you very much.

Brenda Greco – Houston, TX

WOW, Kerry!!
What a great video you guys made! The footage is excellent (and the editing is even better). You really did a super awesome job with it and everyone thinks it is great.
I can’t believe the rounds actually show up on camera, too! You can actually see the bullet travel through the air. Amazing!
The bit at the end of the first disc was funny. I’m glad you made me do that again on camera.
Thanks again for everything – it really turned out great and is an excellent memory of the trip.

Chris Marts – Wilmington, DE

On my first safari to South Africa I brought three of my five children with me and after talking to the staff of Dark Continent Video Productions I decided it would be an interesting and fun video to have for my children to remember their trip by so I booked DCVP for the trip. It turned out to be so great we have now returned five more times to Botswana and South Africa and each time we have used DCVP to make a video of our exciting trips. Even today my children love watching the very first video and when the new ones come in they watch them several times reliving all the experiences they have enjoyed through the years. In July of 2009 I am bringing my children as well as my grand children for the very first time and DCVP will be along with us for this very exciting trip.

Feel free to contact me at if I can answer any questions for you.

E.K, Dallas – Texas

It was my pleasure to spend 12 days with Rayno Egner in Mongolia while he was filming for DCVP. We hunted a Hangai Argali ram in central Mongolia and a wolf in northern Mongolia.

Rayno performed as a true professional in every area. He arrived well prepared with the necessary equipment, an energetic spirit and a creative mind. He is a great conversationalist and has a great personality. He easily accepted sleeping in some less than comfortable conditions and was open to changes as they occurred. It was indeed great to share a camp with Rayno.

This filming was organized by Kerry and she also was very responsive to my emails when this filming project was in the planning stages.
My opinion of these two individuals is very high and as a part owner in a business we believe good dependable people are the key ingredients to building a successful and profitable business.
I have great confidence in these two employees to produce an outstanding video.

Good Hunting.

Dean E. Heintzelman – Kreamer, PA