Here, in the “armpit” of Africa, two very beautiful animals are pursued by long-time clients from Lebanon with Rayno and Gareth behind the cameras. In the north under the haze of the harmattan sands from the Sahara, they hunted the Lord Derby Eland and in the south, where the jungle plays games with even the toughest of minds, they hunted the elusive Bongo.

This was a long and arduous adventure – 33 days in total. An adventure where short cuts were in short supply and physical and mental toughness are the order of the day. Two very contrasting areas and two very different types of hunts – indeed, most hunters break this safari up into two separate expeditions.

Their hard work paid off and they enjoyed great successes in the field. For these clients, the process is very much the most important part of the experience and they enjoyed mingling with the locals, eating local fare and immersing themselves in the central African way of life.

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