Accolades – 2011

Here is a selection of comments we have received from our clients. We really value their feedback and the boost it gives our team in their quest to constantly produce their very best work for each project at hand.

Quotes from letters received…

breeden-family-safari-dark-continent-videographed-photography The video arrived and it is outstanding. We are now looking at the picture disc and it is great as well. Thank you for such a great work.

Hope all is going well with you. Looking at the video and pictures brings back some wonderful memories of our time spent with you and the rest.

Wynne Breeden, Terrell – Texas

In a word, WOW!!!! I’m simply astounded at what a wonderful job Gareth did in capturing, and retelling, the story of my trip. Honestly, it’s like being there all over again. But also more than that — he did a spectacular job of taking bits and pieces and stitching together the essence of it all.

By finding the “story” in all that footage, it’s as if someone took a collection of my memories and turned them into something that feels a bit like art. Best of all, it captured the joy I felt in all of this, and you’ve given me something I’m proud to keep, to share, and ultimately to leave behind as a memory of who I was at my best. Bravo!

Donald Anderson, Alberta – Canada


The video arrived today and I just had the pleasure of watching it and re-living the hunt with my father. What a wonderful keepsake! Please pass on my thanks to Yuri for his talented videography, to Gareth for his skillful editing and, lastly, to you, for producing such an amazing souvenir!

So often one hears about how worthwhile a professionally produced video can be, but this simply took my breath away. I can’t imagine a better way to commemorate the safari! Thank you!

Nestor Petriw, Alberta – Canada

Hi Kerry, Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the video and what a good job you did on it … It’s so much fun to relive the safari and you covered a lot of the details (non hunting related) we care about.

Joann Foster, Kerrville – Texas

Joann found a bottle of Graham Beck and we drank the whole thing while watching it twice. As always you have done an excellent job of capturing all the events and wildlife that we encountered. We loved the music. Thanks for everything.

Woody Foster, Kerrville – Texas

howard-bradshaw-safari-filmed-videoWe both received the video and loved it! Great job again! Thank you, it will be fun to show over the holidays.
Mike Howard, San Antonio – Texas