Accolades – 2009

Here is a selection of comments we have received from our clients. We really value their feedback and the boost it gives our team in their quest to constantly produce their very best work for each project at hand.

Quotes from letters received…

Kelli and I have just finished watching the DCVP “Honeymoon Safari” DVD and we are still listening and watching the “out takes” and we are crying, humbled, grateful, and are both waiting for the two+ weeks when we will return to our South African second home and seeing you all.

When my tears of gratitude subside, I may be able to write something more touching…until then all I and we can express is THANK YOU!

Gray Thornton – Cody, Wyoming.

I received the videos of our hunts. Great job!! You have a real talent. We will enjoy these hunts for years thanks to your videos.

Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you again.

Jack Mitten, Syracuse – New York

I just wanted to tell you that the video that you convinced me to have done is wonderful…there is no question that the video will make our entire family enjoy our safari over and over again, for life. The video by Kerry and Rodney is really great. Truly professional with intimate knowledge of the subject and ability to anticipate events. The music selection came out well, we enjoy it greatly.

The video is also funny! That is to a large extent due to my sons, but also by the camera team, able and willing to play along. The extras in the video are priceless. There are some moments in the video itself that are good for a laugh!

G.K, Dallas – Texas

The video is terrific! We are VERY pleased, THANK YOU SO MUCH! The video photos are incredible and that you were able to catch all those very special moment is amazing. The music is very nice and fit well with the surroundings’.
The video will be a great Xmas gift to all and a fond memory.

Greetings with a smile

T.K, Dallas – Texas

Hello Lady from the south. I finally got around to watching those DVD’s. Holy crap, they are amazing, you guys did an absolutely phenomenal job. I had expectations (based off of nothing really) and they were crushed, demolished, obliterated by what you guys produced. Super awesome. Quite “Hectic”. Nice job and mad props to you and Rodney. The bloopers/out-takes are hilarious.

E.K, Dallas – Texas

I received my video today and must say, it was extremely well done and brought back wonderful memories. Kerry is a delightful compliment to your staff. She captured many small things that most people would have overlooked..

Benjamin Le Force, Enid – Oklahoma

Loved the video. It was hilarious and the quality was awesome. You did a great job. Several have watched it that are not even interested in hunting but enjoyed watching the production.

Bubba Saulsbury, Odessa – Texas

You did an unbelievable job. You exceeded everyones expectations! There’s some funny s*it in the video! Thanks again for doing such a great job. AMEN!

Mike Howard – Dallas – Texas